Welcome to our rogues gallery…

Below you will see a variety of problems we come across on a daily basis… we are here to help discover these potential disasters from happening and make you and your business safe.

All of these faults present a very real risk of fire, electric shock or both!
The businesses were completely unaware of any of these issues.

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Cable clamped incorrectly and insulation of neutral cable damaged exposing copper conductors

Socket badly cracked and burn mark indicate severe over heating at some point. Also, the switches are seized and do not operate

Earth wire not connected and poor quality connections to plug terminals

Cable not clamped correctly. Earth connection to terminal poor. Neutral wire probably making electrical contact with central plug screw

Melted plastic around fuse indicating severe overheating, cable clamp broken

Badly damaged socket

Damage to line and neutral wires exposing copper conductors, cable not clamped correctly

Very poorly wired plug. Cable not clamped correctly. Neutral terminal screw not connected causing neutral wire to hang free

Neutral wire disconnected from plug terminal

Socket badly damaged

Socket badly damaged

Fuse replaced with wrapped around wire

Plug and cable for a bench grinder that was in use – exposed copper conductors

It doesn’t get much worse than this! – Cable clamped incorrectly, earth wire not connected, fuse replaced with solid copper piece, neutral wire insulation damaged exposing copper conductors.

Plug wired incorrectly – the blue neutral wire is connected to the earth terminal!

Badly damaged socket

Badly damaged extension lead

Cable is not clamped correctly. The cable has been pulled very hard which has pulled the earth wire out of the earth terminal

Extension lead socket damaged exposing live conductors

This was the plug to a fluorescent light plugged into an extension lead. The plug has completely disintegrated!

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